Inheritance in Mainland China

The crucial document is the Death Certificate of the deceased. For inheritance in Mainland China, which will fall into two parts: Successor(s) who have the first priority and the Successor(s) who have the second priority.

Successor(s) in first priority includes the parents, spouse and child/children of the deceased. Only if there is no Successor(s) in the first priority, then the Successor(s) in the second priority, which are also close relatives may succeed. As a result, another important part is coordinate and provide the documents and particulars of the Successor(s) and proof of relationship with the deceased which include Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Adoption Certificate, etc.

Successor(s) may elect to succeed or to renounce the succession of the estate of the deceased, and we will process accordingly as you instructed.

On the other hand, we have to know the nature of the estate owned by the deceased. Estate commonly include land, real-estate, bank account, company shares, etc. Please pay attention in preparing the regarding documents, which embrace Real Estate Certificate, Use of land Permit, bank account passbook, or debit card, etc., and then provide us the aforesaid documents for our further handling.

Generally, at first, client has to prepare the documents mentioned above, and then contact us for appointment of meeting, we will answer your enquiry in detail.

Documents you will need to provide:
• Successor(s)’ Hong Kong Identity Card and China Entry Permit;
• Successor(s)’ prove of relationship with the Ancestor;
• Death Certificate of the Ancestor;
• Certificate of Marital Status of the Ancestor;
• Certificate(s) of estate(s), such as Real Estate Certificate, Use of land Permit, bank account passbook, etc.
• Other documents to be advised.

Our fee: $3000; Other fee including exhibit fee, attestation fee charged by the China Legal Service (HK) Ltd, please refer to the Fee Notes.