Legal Opinion

Providing legal opinion for limited company, unlimited company (Firm) and for personal matter.

Our law firm providing legal opinion as follow:

Limited Company

For companies listed in China, quite often these companies have subsidiary companies in Hong Kong and the authorities will require a legal opinion prepared by a Hong Kong lawyer as to the validity of the Hong Kong subsidiaries , including their operation, shareholdings, tax matters, and any previous violations of law and regulations.

Fee: The charge is in accordance with the complexity of the matter and the amount of reference documents. For simply format, the fee is HK$8000 including company and other searches. e.g. For complicated cases with large amount of reading documents, it is hourly charged. For further details, please feel free to contact us.

Unlimited Company (Firm)

In late 20th century, many people used the name of firms of Hong Kong to go back to China to operate business, particularly in operation factories. However, after a number of years, these firms gradually closed down leaving ownerships in land or share holdings in China companies unattended. These firms that had been closed could not be restored. The only way out is to ask a Hong Kong lawyer to prepare a legal opinion explaining the ownership of the assets of the closed firm, including the assets in China are still rested in the owner or partners of the Firm.

Fee: Base on the complexity and the amount of the reference documents. Please contact us for further details.

Personal Matters

There are a wide range of issues that may require a legal opinions from a Hong Kong lawyer for personal matters, for example, the validity of the old-style marriage in Hong Kong. If the deceased made no Will, how can the relevant estate like bank savings in China be distributed? etc.

Fee: Please contact us for further details.