Personal identification

To engage in commercial activities in mainland China, you can participate as an individual, or as a limited company registered in Hong Kong, or an unlimited company being a sole proprietor or in partnership, with a valid business registration certificate in Hong Kong.

Participating in China domestic companies as foreign investors (including individuals from Hong Kong, Marco and Taiwan) can be registered as small business, wholly-owned foreign limited companies, and jointly owned limited companies incorporated by foreign and local Chinese companies.

Usually the attested document required by the China Bureau of Industry and Trade include: personal identification, the holder must come in person before a China Appointed Attesting Officer and shall produce a his/ her Hong Kong ID card and Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents.


There are different types of identification methods, the basic free is 1500, other fees, including attachment fees, forwarding fees, etc., please refer to the fee schedule.

CI & BR (Limited company registration certificate and business registration certificate)

It is the most basic requirement for attesting Hong Kong Limited companies and the attestation only includes the company registration and the business registration certificate.

Fees: basic fee is $1500, other fee, including attachment fee, forwarding fee, etc., please refer to the price list.

Sample (for reference only): also show the documents that you need to provide.


Notary of Limited companies (Full set)

In addition to providing basic company information (including company name, incorporation of certificate, registered address, company directors, business registration), You can also require the attested document to include shareholder information or to attach bank reference letter, certificates of company existence, and so on. However, the resolution of the board of directors or the shareholders meeting cannot be attached in
this model.

Fees: basic fee is $3000, other fee, including attachment fee, forwarding fee, etc., please refer to the price list.

Resolutions of the board of directors and shareholders’ meeting

Due to the booming economy and rapid development in China the engagement of Hong Kong Companies to Deal with the shareholding and business in China is common activities. Therefor it is becoming more and more important to attest board resolutions and shareholders meeting resolutions, which is a significant part of company attestation.

The decision of the company is determined by the board of directors, and the establishment of a wholly-owned local company in china or a joint venture, the transfer of asset or equity, and the entrustment of domestic lawyers to handle litigation matters for Hong Kong companies must be resolved by the board of directors of the Hong Kong companies. If the company has only one director, the director must visit our firm personally to handle the attestations of documents. If the company has several directors, all the directors can come to our firm to handle the matter or one of the directors can bring along a valid board resolution and he signs a confirmation in our firm.

Since the attestation of the board of directors’ resolutions can cover a wide range of matters, you may first need to consult us as to the requirements and documents preparation, please call us for inquiries, and we will try our best to answer your questions.

Fees: Basic fee is $3500, other fees, including attachment fee, transfer special chapter fee, etc., please refer to the price list.


Other notarization of company documents

We also handle CEPA (Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement) application and application for CEPA renewal, declaration of unlimited company (trade name) information attesting resolution of single proprietor/ partner, etc., please call for inquiries, Tel: 25992699.